Step into a transformative journey where Pantone’s Color of the Year, PANTONE 13-1023 Peach Fuzz, becomes more than a shade; it’s an immersive experience in elegance and tranquility for every corner of your home. 

Join us as we explore the nuanced ways Peach Fuzz enriches the atmosphere of each room, creating a haven of comfort and sophistication.

Living Room

Image of a minimalist living space with low white shelf, single wingback chair, and a wall painted in the color peach fuzz

Imagine your living room as a masterpiece of warmth and elegance, painted in the velvety embrace of peach. This gentle hue doesn’t just adorn the walls; it becomes a backdrop that radiates tranquility. 

To accentuate this serene setting, opt for neutral-toned furniture—a plush cream-colored sofa that invites you to sink into relaxation. Consider incorporating the rosy apricot color into accent pieces like throw pillows, blankets, or even a stylish area rug. These subtle touches create a harmonious blend of comfort and sophistication, transforming your living room into a haven for relaxation and socializing.


A bedroom painted in the color peach fuzz with a matching made bed and pillows with geometric prints

Let Peach Fuzz work its magic in the bedroom, turning it into a sanctuary of serenity. Paint the walls in this gentle hue to create an atmosphere that invites tranquility and rest. Enhance the dreamy aesthetic with bedding in shades of ivory and soft peach. 

Imagine delicate blush-toned curtains gracefully dancing with the breeze, allowing natural light to filter through. Complete the look with peach-colored accessories and wall art, making your bedroom a haven of calm and rejuvenation—a space where each moment is a gentle embrace.


Closeup of bathroom tiles in the Pantone color peachfuzz

Bring the warmth and sophistication of the warm pastel into your kitchen, turning it into a culinary haven. Consider painting your cabinets in this gentle hue, creating a subtle yet elegant backdrop for your culinary creations. 

Peach Fuzz backsplashes add a touch of sophistication, and matching kitchen accessories like aprons or dish towels tie the look together. Picture a kitchen where cooking becomes a joyful expression of creativity against a canvas of serene beauty. This is not just a functional space; it’s a celebration of culinary artistry.

Dining Room

Dining room wall featuring shadows and minimalistic wall decor

Elevate your dining experience with the welcoming atmosphere of peach. Envision an exquisite dining room where the table is adorned with tableware and complemented by upholstered dining chairs in the same soothing tone. Hang a delicate chandelier that casts a warm glow, turning every meal into a romantic and intimate experience.

Incorporate elements like Peach Fuzz-themed artwork or a statement centerpiece. This is not just a dining room; it’s a feast for the senses—a place where aesthetics and culinary delights converge in perfect harmony.


Minimalist bathroom with walls in the color peachfuzz

Transform your bathroom into a spa-like retreat with the practicality and serenity of this soft coral color. Envision soft and cozy towels hanging gracefully against peach walls and a silky smooth tiled shower. Choose a shower curtain and bath mat in matching hues to create a cohesive look. Add accents like scented candles or peach-scented toiletries to enhance the sensory experience. 

This bathroom is a sanctuary where your daily routine becomes a moment of self-care and relaxation. This warm hue elevates it from a functional space to a haven where tranquility reigns supreme.

Home Office

a flat lay scene of a keyboard, notepad, two pens, and a coffee mug on a peach fuzz colored backdrop

Strike a balance between productivity and tranquility in your home office with Peach Fuzz. Imagine a workspace where your walls create a serene backdrop for creativity and focus. Choose a blush desk or office chair to infuse sophistication into the environment. 

Accentuate the space with peach-colored stationery, organizers, and wall art. Consider a cozy peach throw or rug to add warmth. Your space deserves to be a haven where work becomes a fulfilling and inspiring journey.


a plain floor and wall in the color peachfuzz accented by shadows and light

Pantone’s Peach Fuzz is more than a color—it’s an artistic expression that transforms each room into an extraordinary sanctuary. From the living room to the home office, Peach Fuzz paints a portrait of tranquility and elegance. Dive into the possibilities, explore the nuanced shades of this gentle hue, and let your home become a testament to the beauty of serene design.Ready to embark on your peach design journey? Explore the various shades available in different paint brands at MyPerfectColor. Alliance Pro Center is your one-stop shop for high-quality paints and expert advice. Share your unique design experiences or questions in the comments below, and let’s build a community of inspired designers! Transform your space with ease and sophistication—because your home deserves the best.