Inviting people into your home means crafting a delicate balance of ambiance, comfort, and functionality. A casual barbecue in the backyard or an elegant dinner party in the dining room requires attention to detail and the right resources. Thankfully Builder First Source (BFS) Alliance is your one-stop destination for all your hosting needs, offering expert tips and a wide array of products to transform both indoor and outdoor spaces into inviting havens for socializing and entertaining.

Creating the Perfect Outdoor Atmosphere

Man Sitting in Backyard Beside Fire

When it comes to outdoor spaces, BFS Alliance is your best resource for easy transformations that make a big impact. Revamping your lawn to create a welcoming outdoor space does not need to be overwhelming or drain your savings account. With Alliance, it’s never been easier to turn your backyard into the ultimate entertainment zone.

Enhancing your backyard aesthetic can be as simple as adding some new landscape plants or upgrading your stylish and cozy outdoor seating from Alliance’s collection. You could add vibrant flower beds or install a water feature to create a serene ambiance. Plus, our selection of outdoor furniture means that you can host gatherings in comfort and style, whether it’s a family barbecue or a cozy evening with friends around a fire pit (and then enjoy it for yourself, because you deserve it).

Outdoor Cooking and Entertainment 

Grandma Grilling Up Food for Friends & Family

No outdoor gathering is complete without delicious food. BFS Alliance has everything you need to become a culinary maestro in your own backyard! You can go big with top-notch grills and smokers, or make smaller upgrades with all of the essential accessories and tools. We offer a range of products to make outdoor cooking a breeze. If you’re a seasoned grill master or simply plating cheese and crackers, our friendly staff can help you find the perfect equipment to suit your needs.

Alliance offers the full experience, including tips for setting up the perfect outdoor BBQ space once you purchase your materials. We can help you designate cooking and dining areas, and optimize your space for ample seating and lighting for your guests’ comfort and convenience. With Alliance’s guidance, you can create a functional and inviting outdoor kitchen that will impress even the most discerning guests.

Indoor Transformations

Friends Hanging Out Drinking Beer & Eating Popcorn

The art of hosting extends beyond the outdoors. BFS Alliance offers plenty of options for upgrading indoor spaces as well. Renovate your kitchen with stylish cabinets or transform your living room with paint and fireplace upgrades. With our diverse range of products and expert advice, it’s so convenient to re-imagine any room in your home to create the perfect setting for gatherings and celebrations.

Cabinet Upgrades

Newly Installed Pinewood Kitchen with Stainless Steel Oven/Stove

The kitchen is the heart of the home. Alliance can help you make yours both beautiful and functional. We have a wide range of options customizable for your style and budget. Want sleek and modern or timeless classics? We have kitchen experts on staff to guide you in choosing the right cabinets, to maximize organization or add some aesthetic to your kitchen for hosting.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

Woman Picking Out Blue Paint Swatches

It’s incredible how a fresh coat of paint can work wonders to brighten your space for gatherings. We can give you creative ideas and multiple options for choosing the perfect paint colors to complement your decor. Plus, our selection of fireplace accessories can add warmth and charm to your space, making it the perfect spot for cozy conversations and shared memories.

Hosting Essentials

Friends Enjoying Appetizers at Dinner Party

Hosting the perfect gathering means having food, and food means needing the right kitchenware. Alliance’s selection combines style and functionality. From elegant serving platters to durable cookware, impress your guests and make hosting a breeze with our array of options. 

Easy Cleanup Solutions

Mom Teaching Her Son Importance of Recycling

When the party’s over, Alliance makes cleanup a breeze. Grab yourself a convenient trash bin and bags, a broom for a quick sweep, or a fresh sponge to tackle those dishes (unless you need to leave those pans to soak overnight because cleaning is tomorrow’s problem). Rest assured, Alliance has got everything you need to make cleaning up quick and hassle-free because you deserve more time to enjoy the company of your guests.


Family Sitting Down for Outdoor Meal

When it comes to hosting the gathering of the year, BFS Alliance is the ultimate destination for transforming your home into a go-to spot. With our expert guidance, diverse range of products, and commitment to customer satisfaction, Alliance makes it easy to create the perfect atmosphere for any occasion. Why wait? Stop by to explore Alliance’s departments and products today and start transforming your space. Become the host everyone remembers with BFS Alliance by your side.